Nearby Attractive Spots

The Oceanus Resort is located near the beachs of Andman.

Chidiya Tapu

The location of the resort allows you to have a memorable get away from your regular life. There are so many places to see and so many things to do. Chidiya Tapu is quite close to the resort. The place is known for spectacular sunset view and varying species of birds that visits the place.

Barren Islands

Adventure seekers can find no better place than this resort, if they are looking for some real fun. They can visit the barren island, which is home to the only live volcano in India.

Munda Pahar Beach

There is also the beautiful option to trek to the beautiful Munda Pahar Beach and it will be a lifelong experience.

Resort Activities

The resort also organizes Scuba Diving sessions where you can fulfill your fantasy under the guidance of an expert. Going deep under the sea and having a glimpse of the blue marine underwater world is something that can’t be put in words. You need to spend a day or two in our resort to have a feeling of this out of the world experience. Then there is also an option for fishing that will relax your mind and give you that serene calm and soothing feeling of a holiday. Believe us, as you go home from here, you will carry not only a refreshed mind and body but also memories that will keep lingering in your mind probably forever and ever.


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